Version 1.6

The one and only taskbar for OS X. Try it out and become more productive!

  • Window-oriented
  • Quick launch panel
  • Switch with window previews
  • Start menu with application launcher
  • Lots of options including customizable styles
  • Global Shortcuts, Drag & Drop, Show Desktop, etc.
  • Doesn't rely on assistive technology like other utilities
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Requirements: Compatible with OS X 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion) and higher. Highest tested version is 10.11.1 (El Capitan).

SHA-1: 62fe5c0fc2e09d9a49ca43e311f87a4559872506

Windows-oriented taskbar with previews, drag & drop, quick launch, shortcuts and fast keyboard switch.

Launch applications and utilities from the start menu by using the mouse or the keyboard.

Adapt the taskbar to your theme. Choose among many different styles or create your own!

I finally enjoy having to work on my Mac!

A wonderful utility. Can't do without anymore...

Great job! I have really been surprised by its usefulness.

Wow. Thanks for making this!

This increased my productivity a 1000-fold!

I'll never be able to do without it again...

This is a real revolution. I just love it!


Switch between windows, minimize them, uncover the desktop and drag & drop files.

Start Menu

A classic start menu to launch applications and access directories quickly.


Rapidly switch among open windows using the Alt+Tab and Alt+Shift+Tab key combinations.


Discover all the available tweakings like changing style, writing your own, chancing opacity, etc.

Quick Launch

Add frequently used applications to the quick launch panel and save time.


Optional global shortcuts to trigger the start menu and minimize windows.

About iTaskbar

Creating a taskbar on OS X is not as trivial as on other operating systems, this is why this is the first real attempt at creating a commercial utility. While iTaskbar is used in production and as far as our testing can tell stable, it's also an experimental product, because it is deeply connected to the internals of Mac OS X. Thus, it may happen that an update of the operating system breaks the compatibility. We will try to fix these issues as soon as they arise, but it could take a bit of time. To make sure that an update of OS X is supported by iTaskbar just check our homepage for the latest tested version.

Setup Instructions

After having downloaded the dmg archive, open it and drag iTaskbar to the 'Applications' folder.

Optional: If you want, you can check the digital signature of iTaskbar to make sure it hasn't been tampered with. Open the terminal and type: 'codesign --verify -vv /Applications/'. A valid code signature should be reported. You can also verify that the signing authority is indeed Cerbero GmbH by typing: 'codesign --display -vv /Applications/'.

Since El Capitan it is necessary to disable a part of the System Integrity Protection (SIP) in order to allow process injection for iTaskbar. To do that, reboot into recovery mode by turnin off your system and then pressing Cmd+R as soon at it boots. You should enter the recovery mode.

Open the terminal.

Enter the following command: 'csrutil enable --without debug'.

The entered command may return a warning, you can ignore it. Reboot your system and follow the rest of the steps.

To run iTaskbar the first time, open it from the context menu item 'Open'.

Even though the application is signed, OS X will warn that it has been downloaded from the internet. Click on 'Open' to confirm.

iTaskbar needs to install a helper tool. In order to perform this operation OS X will ask for an administrator user name and password.

Optional: If you want, you can set iTaskbar to run at start-up. To do that, click on 'Accounts & Groups' under 'System Preferences'.

Then add iTaskbar to the 'Login Items' by clicking on the plus symbol and selecting it from the 'Applications' folder


iTaskbar 1.6

Released on 29/11/15
  • added support for OS X El Capitan
  • added exclusion of windows which aren't in the current workspace
  • fixed a bug which in certain cases slowed down iTaskbar
  • fixed code signing issue on El Capitan

iTaskbar 1.5

Released on 26/10/14
  • added support for OS X Yosemite
  • added autohide behavior when windows overlap the taskbar
  • fixed active window issue with some applications like Google Chrome

iTaskbar 1.4

Released on 22/05/14
  • detect windows minimized to dock
  • added customization of start menu shortcuts
  • added option to hide the start button
  • fixed issue with tooltips not respecting the timeout

iTaskbar 1.3

Released on 31/12/13
  • added quick launch
  • added close window command
  • added minimize application windows command
  • added quit and kill application commands
  • added ability to change the start button icon
  • improved drag&drop behaviour in multiline mode
  • improved tooltips
  • fixed window switch issue

iTaskbar 1.2

Released on 10/12/13
  • improved detection of active window
  • prevent closing with Cmd+Q shortcut
  • added paydor style contributed by Peter Hamm

iTaskbar 1.1

Released on 17/07/13
  • added window switcher (Alt+Tab)
  • added window preview to tooltips
  • added highlighting to the active window
  • added office, marine and vintage 2 styles
  • many improvements
  • fixed a CPU eating bug introduced with 1.1.0
  • works with OS X Mavericks

iTaskbar 1.0

Released on 20/04/13
  • First release (beta).

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